1. Pets Food Store – Most of the people globally keep their pets in their home. Which creates high demand for pets food. For this you can open pet food store. Its no necessary to open store on lease or rent, you can start this business in your home with little space for store so you can start it in low budget. If you want to start this business then choose best location where there is scarce of pet food store. After some time of startup, You can add pets related accessories parallel to pet food shop in same store.

Investment: 50$-1000$
Location: Anywhere

2. Plant Shop –
Its very low budget business which can be started in your home and locality.Due to better awareness of green environment, people are planting plants in their yard. So if you open plant shop then you can increase your income. You can use your small yard to open this business .You can also earn more income by delivering to home

Investment: 0$-1000$
Location: Anywhere

3.Candle Making business
Candle Making Business is more profitable Business.Nowdays this business has higher demand in market. This demand is not related with electricity rather people use it more for decoration purposes. Now days in big parties, festival and in wedding candle are decorated.If you don’t know how to manufacture candle at your home then you can learn it from YouTube.

Investment: 100$-1000$
Location: Market area

4.Yoga teacher/business
if you are Yoga teacher or you have knowledge of yoga then you can start this business anytime anywhere.In this age, people are more conscious about their health so this business has lots of opportunity.You can start this business at your home or you can request for public places like near school, temple etc.At Initial you can charge $5 per head/student per month and increase as requirement.

Investment: 0$-100$
Location: anywhere

5.Parking business
If you have open space and living near market area where there is problem of parking then you can start this business. Due to higher density of population and lack of open space there is always problem of parking in market area so starting this business is always profitable. If you don’t have own your land then you can also take under lease. You can charge 0.5$-5$ according to market price.

Investment: 0$-400$
Location: market area/Town area

6. Incense stick Business
This is one of the low investment business. You can start this business with low budget. Many people use Incense stick in various religious activities. This business will grow faster if you start near market area or community where there are larger population of buyer. Specially near temple area there is larger demand of incense Stick where market pickup quick.

Investment: 0$-800$
Location: Market/temple

7.Translation Service
This business has higher profit. If you have good knowledge of multiple languages then this business is just for you. You can start your own office or online platform to start this business. If you don’t want all these then you can work as translator in various online websites/ platform listed below.



Investment: 0$-1200$
Location: Near translation required places/ internet

8.Interior Decorator
This is another most profitable business.If you are interior decorator then you can start this business as independent decorator at you residence. If you don’t have good knowledge then you can learn it from internet. Various house, shop and office can hire you to decorate. You can promote you through a various medium.

Investment: 0$-1000$
Location: Market/shop/offices/residential area

If you have good knowledge of particular subject then you can start your own business as tutor or trainer. You can start it just collecting few student of your residential area. You can start this business at your home too or at students home as home tutor. If you want to invest little then you can start small institute and broad your services.

Investment: 0$-100$
Location: school/college/residential area

10. Real-state or rental service/broker
You can start this business with low budget. Many people feel difficulties to find room specially in town area where there is high density of population. So you can help them to find room or spaces and charge them little to earn money.If you want broaden your business then you can start small rental service office to increase you income.

Investment: 0$-100$
Location: school/college/residential area

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  2. How’s it going? I wanted to ask you something though… Do you know of a website I can learn how to start a small business? The reason I ask is becuase I’m new to business and I’m having a really hard time learning. Have a good one. 🙂

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