25 Macroeconomic Research Topic

here are top 25 macroeconomic research paper or term paper which will be best for you. For further inquiry please comment on below comment box.

  1. Impact on economy of institution when  it shows flexibility on loan
  2. Earthquake in Nepal and Its impact on GDP.
  3.  Effect of Uncertain conditions like war, terrorism, inflation, unemployment and disputes on the gross domestic product of a country. Case study of Nepal
  4. Political policies change and fall and rise of share market; case study of Nepal.
  5. Foreign trade of Nepal with china and impact on National income.
  6. What are the factors that have contribution in economic growth?
  7. Reason Behind acquisitions and mergers in Multinational companies in Nepal.
  8. Factor affecting global economic recession; case study of south Asian country.
  9. Failure of economic model in real life application.
  10. Contribution of human capital on manufacturing process and replacement of it with machine and equipment.
  11. Importance of franchising for the economy in the world?
  12. Change in oil demand in Nepal and variation of price.
  13. Purchasing ability of a consumer and its impact in prices.
  14. Effect of weather and its impact on weather change.
  15. Comparison of unemployment level in top 5 populated city of Nepal
  16. Labor union in different industries and impact on wages level
  17. Impact of interest rate and spending of consumer case study of Nepal.
  18. Effect of migration on employment.
  19. Case study on diminishing return on agriculture sector of Nepal.
  20. Rise of minimum wages and its effect on price.
  21. Demand and supply of clean energy.
  22. Case study; Model of macroeconomic system
  23. Supply and Demand and its impact on labor market.
  24. Problem in expenditure approach during measurement of national income.
  25. Macroeconomic policy goal in case of Nepal.

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